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Our Sectors

Designer outlet centres and shopping villages have seen a recent increase in popularity and are seen by many online shoppers as more than just a place to view products, there have become a go to destination in their own right. With the market shifting towards this form of shopping instead of the traditional high street, it’s more important than ever to accurately track and record footfall data from these sites.

Pedestrian counters can be installed at the centre entrances and exits, to provide total footfall figures for the whole centre. In addition, counters can also be installed at the entrance of every individual store to provide from just the most basic entrance/exit numbers to enhanced KPI data for each store unit.

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We can also provide car & bus counting systems to provide additional metrics. As outlet centres are typically located on the outskirts of a town or city this can be an invaluable tool.  An ANPR system can also be installed to provide additional information not possible with just vehicle counting, such as length of stay, frequency of visits etc. The ANPR system can also assist security in managing your carparks and preventing thefts.

All the data can be collected onsite or in the cloud be used to generate Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual reports.

Whether you represent an entire outlet centre or manage individual shops in one, we can provide a counting solution for you. Contact our team today to find the best counting system for your site.

Shopping centres are major hubs for people to congregate and gather. Even with the growing popularity of online retail changing the way we shop, physical stores are still a key part of the shopping experience. Footfall data can give you vital insights into how shopping centres are used, and aid in informed decision making.

From store performance comparisons to identifying peak footfall areas, our counters and systems can tell you all you need to know about how people are moving through your space. This can allow you to create action plans for effective store optimisation as well as setting and monitoring targets. Data visualisation can also help you track and understand seasonal trends and predict the most/least popular times and days.

The real-time reporting features of our systems can give instant feedback on the success of marketing campaigns and can identify key points of congestion in the centre to help improve traffic flow. Footfall data can also be used to indicate effective designs and displays in a store window by calculating the percentage of people entering a store and those walking past.

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Car parks are another important part of shopping centres worldwide that might be overlooked. Luckily, our services don’t just stop at footfall. Our systems can also gather data on vehicle numbers, provide information to customers on car-park occupancy, and use ANPR to monitor things such as frequency visits and stay duration etc. The ANPR system can also assist security in managing your carparks and preventing thefts.

You can now collect all this data into one place, and access it at any time via our cloud-based system. Contact us today and talk to our expert team about how your shopping centre can benefit from our services.

As the most traditional method of shopping, the high street makes up a vital part of the retail scene. Whether you operate a large chain of shops or an independent local store, we can provide you with as many (or as few) systems as you need to ensure you’re making the most of your foot traffic.

Despite challenging times for retail businesses, in many towns and cities, the high-street is still the focal point of the centre, so it seems wise to make the most of it and maximise tracking in this space. In addition to installing customer counters at the entrances of the store we can also install counters outside your store entrances to monitor pavement footfall to give enhanced Conversion Rates and KPI.

We can also provide a complete town centre street level footfall monitoring system to allow town centre management to get accurate levels of foot traffic, essential for town planning. Although many fear that the high street is declining in popularity, its function is merely changing to reflect recent online developments in the retail market. With the data our counters collect, you can view these changing figures and effectively adapt your business.

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At Tasman, we are dedicated to giving you the information you need to optimise your spaces. From spotting existing patterns to allowing the effective measurement of responses to campaigns we can help you track, adapt, and improve your high-street performance.

From a small shop on a single high street to multiple locations in high streets worldwide, or the whole town centre, you can now view and access all your data in one place using our cloud-based system. If you feel your high street business could benefit from our services, contact us today to talk to an expert member of our team.

With their out of town locations, extended shop floor space, and easy parking, retail parks are an increasingly popular shopping destination and make for great footfall data-collection sites. With the typical format of smaller numbers of shops with large floor plans surrounding a huge car-park, retail parks can make ideal use of many if not all of our counting and data-collection systems.

Located on the outskirts of many towns and cities, the extensive car parking spaces provide great potential for car counting and ANPR devices recording things such as frequency and duration of visits as well as providing vital information about car park occupancy levels at peak times.  This can help you track and predict the popularity of the park at certain times and dates to assist with marketing and security.

The large floor plans of the shops can also make use of our footfall counting devices designed to track and report on foot flow, letting you know how people are moving inside of the shops which can then help to optimise things such as displays and employee placements as well as providing the more straightforward numerical information.

Whether you’re a large chain frequently represented in retail parks, or represent an entire park or series of parks, we can help. At Tasman Retail Trends, we are dedicated to fitting your space with the best car or footfall-counting systems needed to help you optimise your performance. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs with a member of our expert team.

For public spaces such as libraries and museums, it can be fairly hard to accurately gauge performance. Spaces such as these often rely on staff with manual clickers and ticket sales to support funding requests. This means they can benefit from our state-of-the-art footfall counting and monitoring systems to accurately and reliably track visitor volumes every day of the year.

A basic system might just count the street entrances, but additional counters can be installed at key locations inside such as exhibition rooms, reading rooms, and galleries.

As well as offering insight into the overall popularity and circulation of people in your space, our analytics systems can break down the data and effectively analyse the movements of people within certain areas. This can help you optimise space for events, as well as day-to-day planning by tailoring each area to maximise the popularity of the whole space.

From knowing the busiest times in the children’s section of a library to identifying the popular entrances of each museum exhibit, our footfall counters track and highlight otherwise unnoticed behaviour patterns and trends. This can be useful both in terms of setting long-term goals and effectively allowing you to see real-time results of display modifications and marketing campaigns.

We don’t just offer counting devices for inside your facility. If your museum or library has an attached car park we can also provide car-counting and ANPR devices which can help you estimate overall occupancy levels and give you the opportunity for capacity planning.

Our reporting software allows you to consolidate and view your data in one single place, providing easy access to your findings wherever you are. Whether you manage a small local museum, a large chain of county libraries, or a national collection, contact us today and talk to one of our experts about how our flexible technology could work for you.

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