Car counting is a long-established technique to gather insightful information of visitors to your sites.

Our car counting service provides valuable and accurate statistics on vehicles entering parking areas, from occupancy space levels and site-to-site comparison, through to remote car park administration. This service can be a standalone solution, or combined with a complete footfall counting solution. It is particularly valuable on sites that cannot have footfall counters installed, Retail Parks for example. Car counting is also an effective way to prevent over-crowding for health and safety purposes.

Our Car Counting Systems Can Help You:
  • Accurately Count Visitors, (using an occupancy multiplier)
  • Evaluate the Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns
  • Monitor Occupancy Levels for Space / Full signs
  • Perform Remote Car Park Administration
  • Perform Site to Site Comparison
  • Safeguard Overcrowding for Health & Safety

“Counting vehicles entering your parking areas is a valuable tool for gathering KPI metrics.”

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