People Counting

Providing valuable insight into how customers and members of the public use any given space.

Our advanced people-counting technology provides the most accurate footfall data available and gives valuable insights into behaviour patterns of customers. This can inform you on how your space is used as well as provide accurate and reliable KPI metrics. Whether your space is a shopping centre, retail store, museum or library, we can install a cutting edge IP based counting system or upgrade an existing system to provide you with all the data you need to optimise your environment.

The Benefits of People Counting:
  • Accurate KPI Metrics
  • Marketing Campaign Validation
  • Staff Level Optimisation
  • Store Performance Analysis
  • Store-to-Store Comparison
  • Regional Performance Analysis
  • COVID-19 Social Distancing Solutions.Click for more information.

“The ability to count visitors is the most important tool available to retailers"

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