Tasman has been involved in supplying design, installation, maintenance and support services to footfall counting companies for over 20 years.

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For over 20 years, Tasman has been dedicated to the design, supply & maintenance of footfall counting and retail analytic systems in multiple countries worldwide.

Originally set up in 1996 as an electronic design company working on a wide range of projects including Automotive Production Systems, Consumer Products, Fan Controls, Water & Energy Management, Agriculture and Green House Management. Tasman has been designing and supplying Data Loggers, Remote Data-Collection and data processing units to the footfall industry since its beginning. This is longer than a lot of footfall counting companies have been around, and with some of our early clients going on to become some of the most prominent companies in the industry today, it’s safe to say we’re good at what we do.

After solely focusing for a few years on the design and supply of products, we were then asked by one of our clients to help out with the installation and commissioning of systems. Since then, we have only expanded our operations; not only are we now able to provide a complete service to clients including Footfall, Car Counting, and ANPR systems and the technology to manage them, but we also have an impressive track record of doing so.

We have unrivalled knowledge and experience of the footfall industry and all the technology it has employed over the years. With 75% of the management team having at least 18 years of continuous experience, we have a solid foundation to provide you with counting solutions tailored to your needs.

This puts us in a unique position that not only allows us to provide you with the most up-to-date counting technology, but also integrate it with any systems that are already in place. We believe this flexibility is essential to our service and it’s always nice to see one of our old designs still functioning after 20 years on the job.

With over 20 years of experience and 15,000 counter installations in 15 countries worldwide, Tasman Retail specialises in providing accurate and reliable traffic and footfall counters for retail analytics.

Our longevity in this industry has provided us with unequalled knowledge and experience of footfall counting and all the technology it’s employed over the years. This allows us to provide a complete service to clients from installation, to maintenance, support, and data management.

We service a range of clients with a wide range of counting needs; from a single retail store to monitoring every entrance and store in a full centre. Whether you work in retail, libraries, markets, parks, or civic amenities and whatever your volume of customer footfall, we can help you out.

Our advanced people counting technology can provide useful data on footfall behaviour patterns, and give valuable insights on how customers and members of the public use any given space. Car count data we can collect can provide useful data on duration of stay, frequency of visits, car park occupancy levels, and can also assist security.

As well as giving you the resources needed to collect this data, we also supply the reporting tools to help you manage it. Data can either be fed into your existing system, or we can provide an integrated data management solution particularly useful for monitoring remote or multiple locations. The information our system provides allows users to stay informed on the performance of their assets, and make informed decisions for optimising their operations, setting key performance indicators, and more effectively track goals and targets.

At Tasman Retail Trends we understand the importance of data. Having installed over 15,000 counters in 15 different countries worldwide, we can make sure you have all the systems you need in place to collect, track, and use footfall information as a key performance indicator.

From basic stand-alone footfall and traffic counters to advanced IP-based counting systems including number-plate recognition, we offer a range of products and services to a variety of sectors. Whatever your needs, we can tailor a unique system to help you optimise your business.

Whether it’s a simple comparison in the performance of different sites/areas, Staffing levels, effectiveness of marketing campaigns or assisting security with vehicle access and monitoring, at Tasman we listen to your needs to provide the perfect solution for you.

As well as supplying, installing, and servicing the latest technically advanced sensors for footfall counting, we can also upgrade existing systems, such as legacy systems with local display and no logging, to fully-automated systems that give hourly data via our online reporting portal. With a new IP system or an upgraded legacy system, we can provide near real time occupancy data to key centre staff to enable them to control access to the site to comply with any local regulations. Vitaly important in these challenging times.

The collection of footfall, Car Counting & ANPR data can provide valuable insights and KPIs on your sites, whether it is a single retail store, a chain of high street stores, large shopping mall, designer outlet centre, library, museum or any public amenity.

Whether you need a basic counting system for a few retail stores or state of the art IP based system covering every store and entrance of your shopping or outlet centre, we offer a full range of systems to suit all needs.

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